FBi’s 5500 Search Tool is the industry’s premier prospecting tool because it helps identify new prospective clients using our intuitive 5500 Search capability and connects to the FBi Plan Profile Report which leverages our proprietary database of real plan data. Using this on-demand tool can help you by creating more holistic and consultative interactions with prospective clients.


The features that FBi’s 5500 Search Tool offers are intended to help Service Providers more easily identify and improve conversations with prospective clients.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

  • Search for prospective clients that are the right fit for growing your business
  • Have holistic and consultative discussions with prospective clients leading to greater engagement
  • FBi’s 5500 tools direct link to our Plan Profile prospecting report will provide access to the following plan universe data:
    • Investment Line-up Characteristics
    • Service Provider Fees and Value
    • Plan Design (industry specific)
    • Participant Success Measures (industry specific)

Powerful and Easy-To-Use

  • FBi’s 5500 search tool provides an easy-to-use, dynamic search interface for accessing Form 5500 data
  • Search for a single plan by:
    • Plan Name
    • EIN
  • Search the entire database by:
    • Assets Under Management
    • Number of Participants
    • Account Balance
    • Investment Type
    • Industry Code
    • Pension Benefit Code
    • Service Provider Type
    • Location
  • Direct links to Plan Profile prospecting report to facilitate the creation of a report containing actionable, holistic plan universe data.
    Create a better prospective client lifecycle

Create a Better Prospective Client Lifecycle

  • Quickly identify prospective new client opportunities using the 5500 search
  • Use Plan Profile report to ensure that your first meeting includes a holistic and consultative discussion that leads to meaningful follow-up
  • Close the loop and address prospective client questions/concerns by delivering a Value and Fee Benchmark Report with FeePointTM calculation