FeeChecker is the industry’s most valuable real-time research tool due to the accuracy and timeliness of FBi’s data.

The features that FeeChecker offers to Service Providers for on demand research include:

Use the Right Data

100% of the data in FeeChecker comes directly from “the source” – the Service Providers that know the plan best and is sourced blinded and in aggregate from our benchmarking business.

Empowered Decision Makers are good Decision Makers

FeeChecker empowers decision makers with access to plan fee and service information in support of product development, pricing analysis and client/prospect specific business planning.

Filtering Criteria and Views

Typical fees and services can be viewed based on plan asset size, participant count, average account balance and service model.  If a Service Provider is providing most or all of their plans, FeeChecker can be used to assess a book of business in order to identify any fee/service/value misalignments verses a marketplace.   Fee Checker data includes Recordkeeper, TPA and Advisor/Consultant comparisons.

Fund FeeChecker

Fund FeeChecker empowers decision makers with access to investment fee information.  Typical Investment Manager fees can be viewed based on plan size, asset class (all primary asset classes used in DC plans), investment strategy (active vs. passive) and applicability of revenue sharing/proprietary fund credits (yes or no).