Plan Profile is unique service which provides holistic plan universe data with actionable data around five important plan attributes.

The features that Plan Profile offers to Service Providers for on demand reporting include:

Use the Right Data

100% of the data in Plan Profile comes directly from “the source” – the Service Providers that know the plan best and is sourced blinded and in aggregate from our benchmarking business.  There is no plan specific data in Plan Profile – it is aggregate data about the plan universe of similar plans.

Five Meaningful Areas for Discussion

  • Custom Plan Universe By Service Provider – ensures that the Service Provider data is built around the factors that drive their fees and is representative of the market segment
  • Investment Line-up Characteristics – view the scope of investment offerings, active/passive mix and fee ranges
  • Service Provider Fees and Value – range of fees by Service Provider in dollars and basis points plus core services provided
  • Plan Design – Industry specific plan design with impact on plan cost and retirement readiness
  • Participant Success Measures – Industry specific success measures including impact on retirement readiness

What You Need, When you Need It

  • Plan Profile Reports are available on-demand