/ by Matt Golda

Are Your Client’s Retirement Plans Working? No. And Here’s Why.

An Advisors Guide to Fixing the Retirement Plan Crisis

A Bleak Outlook: Savings Crisis Facts

It’s no secret that Americans are severely underprepared for retirement. With social security looking less and less likely to provide for younger generations as the years roll on, retirement plan advisors have a duty and a responsibility to encourage people to save.

Encouragement is only part of the picture, however. There are a number of reasons why Americans aren’t saving for retirement:[1]

40.1% say they don’t make enough money
24.9% say they are struggling to pay bills
10.3% say they don’t think they need retirement savings
9.9% say they have used their retirement savings for an emergency
9.2% say their company doesn’t offer a 401(k) plan
5.7% say they are prioritizing paying down debt

In addition to the savings crisis, there is still large discrepancies in the way retirement plan advisors service their clients from the IPS, plan design, employee education, and more. … Read More