Frequently Asked Questions

Does FBi sell reports directly to Plan Sponsors?
Fiduciary Benchmarks does not market our services directly to Plan Sponsors. However, our experience has shown that there are some plan sponsors that do not wish to obtain these reports from their Service Providers. Instead, they wish to purchase a benchmarking study directly from Fiduciary Benchmarks. In these cases, Fiduciary Benchmarks will work with Plan Sponsors. In summary, FBi has no plans to directly market our services to Plan Sponsors but we do need to respond to those Plan Sponsors in a way that helps them fulfill their fiduciary duty.
How much do your services cost?
FBi’s pricing is best discussed in conjunction with an overview of services, an assessment of needs and examination of service model. Please click here to contact a member of our Sales Team.
How can FBi be truly independent if they are being paid by providers?
The FBi data, method and output do not change regardless of who is paying for the report. In fact, it is not unusual for independent research companies to work with the companies they actually rate. Examples would include Consumer Reports working with the major car companies or Morningstar working with the largest mutual fund families. In summary, FBi will always remain an independent entity providing Comprehensive and Informative solutions to the retirement industry.
Do you allow customization of your reports?
FBi believes there is significant value in maintaining an independent, third party look and feel to the report. As such, the customization that we support is limited to the placement of your logo and contact information on the cover page. In addition, the placement of any required legal, compliance or disclosure language will be accommodated to the best of our abilities.
What if I have questions or need assistance with your Services?
Please feel free to contact FBi’s Sales or Service teams by phone at 866-516-4909 or via email at