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Fiduciary Benchmarks data is used in FBi benchmarking reports every day, but can also be accessed through our Defined Contribution Industry Research.

Fiduciary Benchmarks data is collected using rigorous methods that ensure accuracy and comparability. These same data structures also support a robust research offering. The goal of FBi’s Defined Contribution Industry Research is to support Recordkeepers, TPAs, Broker/Dealers and Investment Managers with the data needed to better run their businesses. FBi does not provide data or analysis on specific Service Providers or plans. Instead, FBi’s current and accurate plan dataset helps define the pricing and offering dynamics of the marketplace by plan segment and distribution model. FBi data can be applied in product development, pricing and service decisions, as well as in the strategic and tactical deployment of such decisions across a product line, client base or area of business growth. FBi’s Defined Contribution Industry Research is available as both standard offerings and through custom projects.