Description of Services Offered

Fiduciary Benchmarks (FBi) is a premier benchmarking service for defined contribution plans that are designed to help fiduciaries determine whether the fees they are paying to their service providers are reasonable in light of the value being received.

Through their construction and presentation, FBi, through its reports, seeks to give plan decision makers the context necessary to improve decisions and positively affect the measures of long-term plan success.

FBi reports are available primarily through advisor/consultants, recordkeepers, TPAs and other plan service providers.

Customer Service Contact Information

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Fiduciary Benchmarks
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Customer Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied with your Fiduciary Benchmarks report, Fiduciary Benchmarks will use its commercially reasonable efforts to correct or adjust the report to address your reasonable concerns. If you are still unsatisfied, Fiduciary Benchmarks will grant you a single report credit, against your report allotment under your Fiduciary Benchmarks Subscription Agreement, if Fiduciary Benchmarks receives your request for a credit within 30 days of providing you with the adjusted report. Any unused credits remaining upon the expiration and/or termination of your Subscription Agreement shall expire. Fiduciary Benchmarks will not grant you a monetary refund for such credits.

Delivery/Shipping Policy

All Fiduciary Benchmarks reports are delivered to report users via download through and/or email.

Privacy Policy

Fiduciary Benchmarks Privacy Policy is viewable at the following link: Privacy Policy

Credit Card Payments

Payments can be facilitated through the following card issuers:



Fiduciary Benchmarks report pricing varies based on subscription levels.

Secure Check-Out

Fiduciary Benchmarks facilitates online payments for services using All information traveling between your browser and is subject to 256-bit SSL encryption. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you are responsible for confirming that the security protections on your browser, operating system, and mobile device or computer are set at an appropriate level and are up to date.