Apply Behavioral Finance Techniques to Plan Design

  • Improve Participants Spending Behavior
  • Enhance Participants Investing Behavior
  • Mitigate Participant Spending Behavior


Leverage Independent Research for Useful Insights

  • Understand the positive impacts of implemented plan design provisions
  • Determine if the negatives of plan design changes are real or imagined
  • Learn how participants feel about the give/take of plan design changes


Measure the Impact of Plan Design Changes

  • Project the impact of plan design changes over time or actual change year over year
  • Evaluate participant behavior metrics such as participation rate, deferral rate and maximization of company match
  • See the impact of plan design changes on retirement outcomes


Understand Marginal Costs to Plan and Participants

  • Impact of plan design changes on employer budget
  • Analysis of participants impacted by plan provision and estimated after-tax paycheck