/ by Craig Rosenthal

Less Talk, More Action: It’s Time to Implement a Financial Wellness Program


Increasingly, employers are focusing on employee wellness, customizing benefits to meet the diverse needs of a workforce that spans multiple generations. Offering a holistic benefits program isn’t just good for recruiting and retention, it can help improve employee productivity and provide a boost to employers’ bottom lines.

One of the key pillars of an employer-sponsored wellness program is financial wellness — measuring and improving the state of overall financial health and well-being. Financial wellness programs are designed to foster positive behavior changes to help employees feel more confident about managing their money and achieving their financial goals.

More and more, employers are turning to financial advisors to help them select, implement, manage and support this important benefit. Financial wellness is no longer a “nice-to-have” benefit — it’s a “must-have.” This presents you a unique opportunity to provide additional value to your plan sponsor clients by helping their employees become financially empowered.

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